A secret password used to connect to the Crayon API.

Resource definition

  "Id": 28,
  "ClientId": "869a1e22-96e7-4c6f-9f78-378739af350f",
  "Value": "0c89154a-5ac4-465e-b20d-9e5922e96ddb",
  "Description": null,
  "Expiration": "2018-03-12T15:12:10.1398159+01:00",
  "TimeStamp": "2016-03-12T15:12:10.1398159+01:00"
Name Type Description
Id int Identifer of the secret
TenantId int Tenant this secret is valid for
ClientId string Identifier for the external application.
Value string The secret password
Description string Description of the external application
Expiration DateTimeOffset? When the secret expires and can no longer be used
TimeStamp DateTime Date and time when the secret was generated

Operations on Secret