A user is a person or account that can retrieve access tokens and call the api

Resource definition

  "Id": "DCAB448F-3137-40A2-9A27-FCC090A65066",
  "TenantId": 1,
  "UserName": "",
  "FirstName": "Firstname",
  "LastName": "LastName",
  "Email": "",
  "EmailConfirmed": false,
  "LockoutEnabled": false,
  "LockoutEnd": null,
  "PhoneNumber": null,
  "PhoneNumberConfirmed": false,
  "TwoFactorEnabled": false,
  "TenantAdmin":  false
Name Type Description
Id string Unique user identifier (Guid)
UserName string  
FirstName string  
LastName string  
Email string  
PhoneNumber string  
TenantAdmin string  
EmailConfirmed bool  
PhoneNumberConfirmed bool  
LockoutEnabled bool  
TwoFactorEnabled bool  
LockoutEnd DateTimeOffset