A OrganizationAccess resource represents a user’s access rights to a specific organization.

Resource definition

  "Id": 1,
  "AllAgreements": false,
  "Agreements": [
      "HasAccess": true,
      "Agreement": {
        "Id": 1,
        "Organization": null,
        "Name": "My agreement",
        "SalesPriceCurrencyCode": "EUR",
        "StartDate": "2010-04-06T14:15:00.9749488+00:00",
        "EndDate": "2019-04-06T14:15:00.9749488+00:00",
        "Disabled": false,
        "Publisher": {
          "Id": 2,
          "Name": "Microsoft"
        "Program": {
          "Id": 3,
          "Name": "SPLA"
        "Number": "111111",
        "CustomerNumber": "123456",
        "MasterAgreement": "654321",
        "HasTerms": false
  "Organization": {
    "Id": 3,
    "Name": "My organization AB"
  "User": null,
  "Role": 2,
  "CrayonCompanyName": "Crayon AB",
  "Timestamp": "0001-01-01T00:00:00+00:00"
Name Type Description
Id int  
Organization Organization  
UserId string Identitifer of the user
Role OrganizationAccessRights Bitflag, 0=None, 1=User, 2=Administrator, 4=Viewer
Agreements List<AgreementAccess> List of AgreementAccess
CrayonCompanyName string Name of CrayonCompany the tenant belongs to
Timestamp DateTime Date and time when user recieved the access rights for the first time.

Operations on organization