A customer tenant contact resource represents detailed information about a end customer company connected to a license publisher. A customerTenantAddress belongs to an CustomerTenantDetailed.

Resource definition

  "Tenant": {
    "Id": 1,
    "Name": "My customer AB",
    "Publisher": {
      "Id": 2,
      "Name": "Microsoft"
    "PublisherCustomerId": "ba3a5b70-9fcd-4f48-9150-91303499bea5",
    "ExternalPublisherCustomerId": "893f7bfb-866e-4aa2-a3dd-f7d4f9ab8552",
    "DomainPrefix": "mycustomer",
    "Reference": "My customer",
    "CustomerTenantType": 2,
    "EntityStatus": 0,
    "Organization": {
      "Id": 1,
      "Name": "My company AB"
    "InvoiceProfile": {
      "Id": 7,
      "Name": "My invoice profile"
  "User": {
    "UserName": "username",
    "Password": "password"
  "Profile": {
    "CultureCode": "en-US",
    "LanguageCode": "en",
    "Contact": {
      "FirstName": "Firstname",
      "LastName": "Lastname",
      "Email": "",
      "PhoneNumber": "000-12345689"
    "Address": {
      "FirstName": "Firstname",
      "MiddleName": "Middlename",
      "LastName": "Lastname",
      "AddressLine1": "Streetaddress 4",
      "AddressLine2": "",
      "AddressLine3": "",
      "City": "City",
      "Region": "",
      "PostalCode": "123456",
      "CountryCode": "US",
      "CountryName": null
  "Company": {
    "OrganizationRegistrationNumber": "12345678"
Name Type Description
FirstName string First name.
MiddleName string Middle name.
LastName string Last name.
AddressLine1 string The first line of the address.
AddressLine2 string The second line of the address. This property is optional.
AddressLine3 string The third line of the address. This property is optional.
City string Name of city.
Region string Name of state/region.
PostalCode string Postal code.
CountryCode string The country/region in ISO country code format.
CountryName string Name of the country.