A subscription addon connected to a parent subscription.

Resource definition

  "Id": 123,
  "PublisherSubscriptionId": "f74ccc97-1bc2-462f-9206-88d18635a3a6",
  "Quantity": 1,
  "Name": "My customer AB",
  "Status": 1,
  "OrderId": "08e27c60-a160-439c-9420-207263fbf2b6",
  "Publisher": {
    "Id": 1,
    "Name": "Subscription publisher"
  "Organization": {
    "Id": 3869,
    "Name": "My company AB"
  "CustomerTenant": {
    "Id": 486,
    "PublisherCustomerId": "a00e016e-e28a-4e1a-b777-8c70d4ac010d"
  "Product": {
    "Id": 133518,
    "PartNumber": "85e8de32-c3cd-40aa-aaf1-0878859ee204",
    "ItemLegalName": "",
    "ItemName": ""
  "CreationDate": "2015-11-23T13:55:00.37+01:00",
  "AvailableAddonsCount": 0,
  "TermDuration": "P1Y",
  "CancellationAllowedUntilDate": "2021-10-14T23:59:00Z",
  "Subscriptions": []
Name Type Description
Id int Identifier of the subscription
PublisherSubscriptionId string Internal identifier the publisher uses
Quantity int Number of license for the subscription
Name string A friendly name
Status int None = 0, Active = 1, Suspended = 2, Deleted = 4, CustomerCancellation = 8
OrderId string The publishers order identifier
Publisher ObjectReference The publisher the subscription is connected to
Organization ObjectReference The organization/reseller the subscription is connected to
CustomerTenant CustomerTenantReference The end customer company is connected to the subscription
Product ProductReference The license product for the subscription
CreationDate DateTime Date which the order was created
TermDuration string An ISO 8601 representation of the term’s duration. Supported values P1M (1 month), P1Y (1 year) and P3Y (3 years).
CancellationAllowedUntilDate DateTimeOffset? Date by which the order can be canceled.

Operations on subscription