A agreement resource represents the agreement between Crayon and an organization for a license program.

Resource definition

  "Id": 1,
   "Organization": {
    "Id": 3869,
    "Name": "My company AB"
  "Name": "My agreement",
  "SalesPriceCurrencyCode": "EUR",
  "StartDate": "2009-12-22T19:21:04.8964818Z",
  "EndDate": "2018-12-22T19:21:04.8964818Z",
  "Disabled": false,
  "Publisher": {
    "Id": 2,
    "Name": "Microsoft"
  "Program": {
    "Id": 3,
    "Name": "SPLA"
  "Number": "111111",
  "CustomerNumber": "123456",
  "MasterAgreement": "654321",
  "HasTerms": false
Name Type Description
Id int Identifer of the agreement
Organization ObjectReference The organization the agreement is connected to
Name string Reference of the current address, like company/building/person
SalesPriceCurrencyCode string The currency prices will be displayed in
StartDate DateTime When agreement becomes active
EndDate DateTime When agreement becomes inactive
Disabled bool If agreement is enabled/disabled
Publisher ObjectReference The publisher this agreement is connected to
Program ObjectReference The program this agreement is connected to
Number string  
CustomerNumber string  
MasterAgreement string  
HasTerms bool If agreement has terms connected to it

Operations on Addresses