An address resource represents an invoice or delivery address that can be used when placing orderers. Addresses are connected to InvoiceProfile

Resource definition

  "Id": 1,
  "Organization": {
    "Id": 2,
    "Name": "My company AB"
  "Name": "My company",
  "CompleteAddress": "My company, Street name 3 City 156489 Sweden",
  "Street": "Street name 3",
  "ZipCode": "123456",
  "City": "City",
  "County": "",
  "State": "",
  "CountryCode": "SE",
  "Primary": true,
  "AddressType": 2
Name Type Description
Id long Identifer of the address
Organization ObjectReference Organization this address belongs to
Name string Reference of the current address, like company/building/person
CompleteAddress string All fields combined to a formatted string
Street string Name of street
ZipCode string Postal code
City string Name of city
County string Name of county
State string Name of state/region
CountryCode string Two letter country code
Primary bool If it is the primary address of the organization
AddressType int Invoice address or Delivery address

Operations on Addresses