A coterminosity subscriptions resource represents response object which holds end dates that can be used for coterminosity.

Resource definition

  "CalendarMonthDate": "2022-08-31 23:59:59.000",
  "Subscriptions": [
      "Id": 1200,
      "PublisherSubscriptionId": "f39d8f51-ff2c-46b4-8435-84bf67f2a36c",
      "FriendlyName": "Common Area Phone",
      "TermDuration": "P1M",
      "EndDate": "2022-09-25 23:59:59.000"
      "Id": 1201,
      "PublisherSubscriptionId": "f40d8f51-ff2c-46b4-8435-84bf67f2a37c",
      "FriendlyName": "Dynamics 365 Team Member",
      "TermDuration": "P3Y",
      "EndDate": "2022-09-1 23:59:59.000"
Name Type Description
Subscriptions list Subscriptions which end dates can be used to apply coterminosity
CalendarMonthDate int Used to align the subscriptions charge cycle with the calendar month