A client resource represents an external application that integrates with the API.

Resource definition

  "ClientId": "ac389f94-47cd-4de7-99db-88dd364beba4",
  "ClientName": "My application",
  "ClientUri": null,
  "Enabled": true,
  "ClientSecrets": [
      "Id": 1,
      "ClientId": "ac389f94-47cd-4de7-99db-88dd364beba4",
      "Value": "24cae2b3...",
      "Description": "Description of secret",
      "Expiration": "2018-12-22T19:21:04.9134933+00:00",
      "TimeStamp": "2012-12-22T19:21:04.9139935Z"
  "RedirectUris": [
  "Flow": 0,
  "TimeStamp": "2012-12-22T19:21:04.9139935Z"
Name Type Description
Id int  
ClientId string Unique identifier of client application. Used when authenticating with the API.
ClientName string Friendly name of the application
ClientUri Uri  
Enabled bool Statusflag, If the application can authenticate with the API.
ClientSecrets List<Secret> List of client secrets.
RedirectUris List<Uri> List of redirect uris.
Flow int OAuth flow flag (0 for Authorization Code, 1 for Implicit, 4 for Resource Owner).
TimeStamp DateTime  

Operations on Clients