Rename Azure Subscription

Changes name of azure subscription connected to an azure plan.


  • This is only for accounts that have transfered over to Azure Plan. If Azure plan is not used for account, then look at rename subscription documentation instead:

    Update subscription (For non azure plan subscriptions)

  • Find a customer tenant that is connected to Azure Plan

  • Find your azure plan id using endpoint



Request Syntax:

Method Request URI

Request Example:

PATCH $"{azurePlanId:int}/azuresubscriptions/{id:int}/rename/"
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer < Token >

Request Body:

   "Name": "My new name for my azure subscription"


If successful, this method returns the Microsoft azure subscription id in the response body.

Response Body:

  "AzureSubscriptionId": "c7e0f1fb-bfa3-478f-9d0f-b2c687628f76"